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Are you building a house, a country home, completing an outbuilding or a garage yourself?

- SIP panels are the best solution in terms of price-quality ratio

- Simple and quick construction

- The exterior decoration of the building may be postponed

- The widest choice for interior and exterior decoration

- SIP panels are used for the construction of walls, ceilings and roofs

SIPex will

- Develop the detailing project (number and dimensions of SIP panels) in accordance with the project or sketch

- Prepare the step-by-step assembly instructions

- Produce and deliver the SIP panels to the construction site.

Special offer

When providing an estimate from another manufacturer of SIP panels, a 10% discount is provided from the cost of panels indicated in it

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Are you building a house or a residential settlement for further sale?

- SIP panels are a building material with a high marginality

- Construction technology reduces the "human factor

- Highest building speed

- Use on any type of foundation

- Any type of exterior finish is possible

- Modern, eco-friendly and customer-friendly material

SIPex will

- Deliver the prefabricated house sets to the construction site

- Prepare the assembly instructions or assemble the prefabricated house set ready for installation

- Provide for the installation supervision or technical supervision at the construction site

Special offer

When ordering three or more identical houses, a 15% discount on the cost of panels is provided

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Architects and designers

Do you design private houses and small-scale architectural structures?

- SIP panels are used for the construction of walls, floors and roofs

- Unlimited exterior and interior finish options

- No need to create a detailed design of joints and structures

SIPex will

- Advice at all design stages

- Develop the design detailing projects for houses of SIP panels

- Provide all documentation required for the design

Special offer

Cashback of 10% of the cost of the panel set

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